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    About Me

    Hello, my name is Margaret A. Banks. If you have located me, it is likely you are facing a life challenge. I understand that finding the right therapist to assist you through this difficult time is very important to you. If you don’t have a connection with your therapist, you won’t be able to make the progress that you are hoping to achieve. I want to provide you a bit of information about me. I am a licensed clinical social worker and have experience working with people from different backgrounds who are struggling with many challenges.

    The majority of my experience has been working with people who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, coping with medical comorbidities, issues with incarceration, relationships, young adult, and women’s issues.

    The feedback I have received from clients is that they find me to be compassionate, caring and nonjudgmental. Additionally, they are happy with my honesty and direct approach. You can expect me to listen and guide you through every difficulty that you are facing. I understand how hard it can be to find a therapist you can open up to and it would be a pleasure to work with you through this difficult time in your life.


    • Master of Social Work Degree Union University
    • Bachelor of Social Work Degree University of Memphis
    • LCSW/TN-7100
    • LCSW/MS-C8978
    • LCSW/AR-8155-C
    • LCSW/NJ-44SC06129100
    • LCSW/FL-TPSW2183
    • LMSW-C/MI-6801115346
    • LCSW-C MD/30326

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of Direct Care Counseling LLC is to support, educate, empower, and provide the highest quality of care to individuals facing life challenges and mental health disorders in order to achieve their full potential.

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